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We are very proud of the effort that our team has made over the years and that has given rise to this recognition. Carranco S.L. has been chosen as the first Spanish company and second European company in the food sector in the ranking of 1000 European companies with the highest growth in 2021 carried out by the Financial Times.

From our facilities located in A Coruña we freeze and prepare working from origin with quality controls to its destination. With more than 40 years of experience in the fishing sector, thanks to our vertically integrated supply chain, we get our catches to the coast faster and fresher, guaranteeing constant quality and availability.

We are committed to responsible management in everything related to Food Safety and the Environment, having all the necessary export records.

Main types of fish

​Scomber Scombrus, 
Scomber colias, Scomber japonicus

Block, IQF, WR, HG, bagged

Rich in omega 3, also standing out for its contribution of phosphorus and magnesium. Cantabrian mackerel is fished at the end of winter.

Horse mackerel

Trachurus trachurus 
Trachurus picturatus, Trachurus murphyi

Block, IQF, WR, bagged

We work from the Lonxa de A Coruña (fish market), leader in unloading and auctions of this highly appreciated species throughout the Cantabrian coast


Engraulis encrasicolus

Block, IQF, bagged

The anchovy approaches the Cantabrian coast and comes to the surface to reproduce and spawn in spring and summer.

Is a blue fish about 15-20 cm long when it reaches its adult size. It stands out for its content in omega 3 acids.


Sardina pilchardus

Block, IQF, bagged

Pelagic species that lives on the continental shelf, coming closer to the coast in the breeding season.

From origin to delivery. We control quality in all processes

We freeze and distribute from our facilities in A Coruña.

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